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ElasticSearch Logstash Kibana

Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana and Beats tutorial with DSL Queries, Aggregator & Tokenizer.

For Basic User

1) Author Introduction and Course Description

2) Introduction of complete ELK stack and different types of beats with internals of Elasticsearch and Lucene Indexing.

3) Installation of Elastic search and Kibana on Windows server

For Advance User

4) Data Ingestion from Mysql, Oracle, Apache, Rest API, & Nginx logs using Logstash & Filebeat with live examples.

5) Kibana for data visualization and dashboard (creation,monitoring & sharing) + Metricbeat + WinlogBeat (Installation, Data Ingestion and Dashboard Management)

6) DSL, Aggregation and Tokenizer Queries


Learn Kafka – Kafka Connect – Kafka Stream with Hands-On Examples and cases studies.

Learning environment is setup with three node cluster to give production level environment for learning and growing and connect all kafka dots from CLI to Kafka Connect and Stream processing under one course keeping in mind for students from beginner level till expert.

Data Structure

This course is specially designed for Java Learners who want to program their favorite Algorithms in Java and need to learn new trick of Lambda Expression above Java Collections.

The Best part of this course is the wired Interview Problems which are first explained and then programmed using Java.

Each Algorithm is deeply explained and analyzed for it’s best use.